Kiddie Hi Striker *(5L 5W 6H)

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Kiddie Hi Striker *(5L 5W 6H)
Kiddie Hi Striker *(5L 5W 6H) Kiddie Hi Striker *(5L 5W 6H) Kiddie Hi Striker *(5L 5W 6H) Kiddie Hi Striker *(5L 5W 6H)

Kiddie Hi Striker *(5L 5W 6H)


per hr


per 2 hrs


per 4 hrs


per 8 hrs


per 24 hrs

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Item Dimensions:

5L x 5W x 6H

Space Needed:

Product Information:

Who can resist picking up the maul and banging away on a Hi Striker?  With sizes for kids of all ages, you can't go wrong with this incredible carnival game.  People play it time after time to try and ring that bell.  Great for any event!

Product Reviews:

  • 10/29/16PaulThe bell is loud! But, it was still fun for the kids

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