Can Can (Pyramid Toss) *(30″L 24″W 30″H)

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Subtotal (estimate):
Can Can (Pyramid Toss) *(30
Can Can (Pyramid Toss) *(30 Can Can (Pyramid Toss) *(30 Can Can (Pyramid Toss) *(30 Can Can (Pyramid Toss) *(30

Can Can (Pyramid Toss) *(30"L 24"W 30"H)


per hour


for 2 hours


for 3 hours


for 4 hours


for 6 hours


for 8 hours


per day


for 2 days


for 3 days

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

30"L x 30"W

Space Needed:


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Product Information:

Enjoy this classic carnival game of trying to knock down stacked cans! Toss a bean bag at a pyramid of tin cans. the more you knock down, the more points you score!

Product Reviews:

  • 4/4/15Nicole (Palladino)lines a bit shorter but still fun

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